How to Choose the Perfect Tattoo

Lots of us dream of those perfect eyebrows we see on movie stars and singers, even on TV show stars and Instagram influencers.  Everyone imagines all this plucking and waxing, special products and a huge amount of time.  The truth is simpler – most use one of two approaches called microblading and HD Brows.  But which one might be right for you?

How to Choose the Perfect Tattoo

HD Brows

HD Brows is a new treatment that is personalised for everyone who goes through it.  It is a step beyond the normal wax and tint and instead uses a custom-blended colour, a very precise hair removal system and a design formula that creates the eyebrows that you want, regardless of what you already have.

The great thing about HD Brows is that you can work with what you have or even go through some regrowth steps to make your eyebrows better to work with.  Once the treatment is in place you normally do certain steps at home to keep them looking good and schedule regular touch-ups.


Microblading is a semi-permanent solution to the eyebrow problem which uses a system based on those used in tattoos – that why a tattoo studio is where you get this treatment.  Here at Good Luck Jo Tattoos, we offer the service from our studio in Cannock and we use a special hand-held tool that creates hair-like strokes of ink that mimic the natural eyebrow appearance.

The cosmetic artist will carefully shape and style the eyebrows to look in keeping with your face and create the look you want.  If there are no hairs present, then the artist will use their knowledge to create a look based on what your eyebrows should look like.

How to choose

There’s no right or wrong answer to the question of which is the best for you.  Both offer a way to get the eyebrows that you desire without having to spend time every day plucking and waxing.

With HD Brows there is some regular treatment needed to keep them looking right so it is more hands-on than microblading.  But both will require some regular sessions to ensure the look is maintained as the hairs in your eyebrows will continue to grow and potentially spoil the look.

Microblading is longer lasting than HD Brows although you don’t have to worry about needing laser tattoo removal if you decide you no longer want to have them.  Because they are a tattoo-style process, there is a needle involves and this means there’s a chance of some inflammation and a little pain when the process happens.

For some, HD Brows are ideal when you are going somewhere and want a short-term fix to the eyebrow problem.  Microblading lasts a lot longer but does include having to have a tiny needle injecting ink into your skin – although if you have already had tattoos, then this won’t be such a worry for you.  The choice of which one is best is ultimately down to you, but we are always happy to chat through the processes with you to help you decide.

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