We are Cannocks most talented tattoo and body artists, offering a range of styles and services.

Having a tattoo is a big decision for many of us and we want to know that the people operating the tattoo equipment are experts at what they do.  Here at Good Luck Jo Tattoos, we have two tattooists and a cosmetic artist in-house to handle the services we offer so you can visit us with complete confidence.

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About Us

  • A comprehensive range of tattoo services
  • Create custom designs with tattoo experts
  • Laser tattoo removal available
  • Piercing and body art cosmetic artist in-house
  • Microblading and HD Brows for eyebrow perfection


As one of Cannock’s top tattoo studio, we offer a range of tattoos for all tastes.  If you want a classic design or have an idea for something custom and unique, we can help you.  Our tattoo artists Jo and Tim have extensive experience in creating different tattoos for customers of all tastes and can create something that is just you.

As well as creating tattoos, we also offer laser tattoo removal.  There are lots of reasons why a tattoo is no longer right for you but whatever the situation, we can assist.  We have the latest laser tattoo removal equipment to carefully remove colour and ink from your skin with the highest quality results.  We also offer tattoo rework if a tattoo is no longer looking quite right and also cover-ups.

Beauty treatments

Tattoos are just one of the areas we can offer to help you with the body art you require.  We also offer beauty treatments to help perfect your eyebrows including Microblading and HD Brows.  The first is a semi-permanent tattoo style treatment to create the basis for long-lasting eyebrows.  The second is a special tint process that creates quick and perfect eyebrows and can easily be maintained at home.  Sara is our in-house cosmetic artist who handles these treatments.

"Friendly beyond words, clean beyond words and most important professional beyond words."

Bex Powney


Good Luck Jo's Tattoo Studio team are experienced professionals in the world of body art, and we are qualified to offer you tattoo design, laser treatments and more. Get in touch with us for new body art, re-work and removal. Book your free consultation on 01543 275 355 or click the button below to send us a message.