Looking for a tattoo that’s a bit different in Cannock, then Tim is the guy for you.

When you go to a tattoo studio in Cannock, you want to be certain that you can get the tattoos that you want or find the help you need to make a decision.  At Good Luck Jo Tattoos we have a number of artists in-house to create a design that meets your ideas or to help you find the right one.  Tim is a male tattooist who is available to work with men and women on the tattoos you want.

Tattoos by Tim

Tattoos by Tim

  • Tattoo studio in Cannock
  • Male tattoo artist Tim
  • Help with choosing a design
  • Custom designs created to meet your tastes
  • Full body art services including piercings

Creating the perfect tattoo

Some guys prefer to work with a male tattoo artist – and so do some women.  Tim can create a new design from one of the many samples we have to use as inspiration for your tattoo or can create something entirely unique.  The tattoos on offer range from simple, minimalist designs through to full sleeves and extensive, highly detailed tattoos.

If you don’t know what kind of tattoo you want, then we offer full support and guidance to help you make a choice.  You want a tattoo that expresses who you are, and we can help with ideas and examples to give you the inspiration you need.  If you did prefer a female tattoo artist, we have Jo who is our in-house lady tattooist.

Full body art services

We also offer a range of body art services in addition to the tattoos.  This includes piercings and other styles of body art.  If you find that you want a tattoo to be redone or reworked, we can help, and we also offer cover-ups and laser removal treatments.  So whatever you want to do with your body art, we can help.

"Friendly beyond words, clean beyond words and most important professional beyond words."

Bex Powney


Good Luck Jo's Tattoo Studio team are experienced professionals in the world of body art, and we are qualified to offer you tattoo design, laser treatments and more. Get in touch with us for new body art, re-work and removal. Book your free consultation on 01543 275 355 or click the button below to send us a message.