How to Choose the Perfect Tattoo

Deciding to have a tattoo is a big decision – sure, developments in laser tattoo removal mean you can change your mind but it is still a lot of work and extra expense. That’s why we always recommend doing some homework before you visit our tattoo studio and we why work through the different tattoos with you before any ink appears.

How to Choose the Perfect Tattoo

Images or meaningful tattoos?

One of the first decisions is what kind of tattoo do you want?  This can incorporate the size but is most often around the image or words used in the tattoo.  For example, do you want a portrait style of your favourite actor or actress?  Do you love a certain car and want an image of it?

Another option is to consider a meaningful tattoo such as a name, a date or other commemorations.  These can be quite small if it is the first tattoo and you aren’t ready for something big and bold.  There are lots of ways you can frame these ideas as well – Roman numerals, calendar graphics or even Zodiac symbols can personalise that message.  For birthdays, flowers and animals are associated with the month or star sign and these can be another great option.

Get inspiration or go custom

When you visit our studio in Cannock we have plenty of ideas to give you inspiration for your own tattoo.  And with them, you can see something you like then amend areas of it.  You can change the colours, the layout, the text, the font or almost any element you see.  This means you can have a design that catches your eye which also having something uniquely you.

Alternatively, you can go for a completely custom design where you work with the tattoo artist to create something that is just what you want.  This is most often the route when you have something in mind and need expert help to make it into a reality.  You can chat about your ideas, they can work up some sketches then the process of fine-tuning the design can take place.  This is the best way to get the ideal tattoo but does increase the time involved.

Tattoo placement

Another really big consideration when getting a tattoo is where you want to place it.  For example, if you want to be able to show it off every day, then somewhere like your wrist or lower arms might be a good option.  If you want the option of covering it up, say during work hours, then the upper arms or the back could work.

It is worth remembering that sometimes the placement on your body can also affect how long the colours stay bright and vibrant.  Chat with your tattoo artist about this and they can advise you on how placement affects the tattoo.


Always work with a reputable tattoo studio when you are looking to get a tattoo.  Then you can be sure of the quality of their work and the health and safety considerations around tattooing.  You can also look for studios that offer other beauty treatments such as HD Brows and Microblading to combine treatments in one visit.

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Bex Powney